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Heather Hoffman Pilates

Beginners Pilates helps to re-pattern bad posture and re-educate the body on how to move more efficiently, therefore refraining from injury and pain. It is the perfect compliment to help improve the efficiency in other sports or physical activities, as well. 

In my Beginners Pilates Class we will help improve and build upon all the important core muscles inside the body that aide healthy, correct alignment so you can live your life with more mobility, vitality and strength! Each week we build up strength with a series of Pilates techniques so you can improve and develop your training.

Although this is “Beginner Pilates”, we do like to work hard in this class! My aim is to make you stronger, so with that, comes hard work! The class is designed in a flowing manner, to also improve coordination and keep it fresh and interesting week to week. The class is inclusive and friendly. We welcome those who are new to Pilates, returning to Pilates or looking to improve their strength and general fitness.

Heather Hoffman

Heather spent almost a decade performing and teaching Dance in New York City, where she was also introduced to the Pilates Method. She trained intensively in the City that Joseph Pilates, himself, cultivated his technique. She has since returned to England and become a certified instructor under the renowned Pilates Foundation.
Heather draws from her teachings both in NYC and London, and her extensive background in dance, in which she also holds a Batchelor of Arts Degree, to bring a level of teaching that is knowledgeable, encouraging and approachable.
The most important reason Heather will practice Pilates for the rest of her life is because she wants to be mobile, agile and strong every day – she finds it essential to be in tune with the very vehicle that carries us through life: our body.
“No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who can not command himself” – PYTHAGORUS.
Be free, do Pilates.

  • Single Class / Drop In = £12.
  • 5 Class Card = £50.

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