Transcultural Fusion Dance – Charlotte Wassell

Transcultural Fusion Dance – Charlotte Wassell

Transcultural Fusion Dance – Charlotte Wassel in Brighton. Charlotte’s style of Transcultural Fusion Dance evolves from USA fusion belly dance styles – a result of the melting pot of MENAHT cultures (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic, Turkish) and Black funk styles.

Charlotte is committed to uplifting artists from around the world and strives to incorporate history, music theory and cultural context. 

The classes focus on exploration of precise body isolations, fluidity of movement and fun dance steps, with sprinklings of musicality, improvisation and choreography, accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack.

Classes are taught in short courses. Charlotte updates the courses on her website regularly.

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Transcultural Fusion Dance – Charlotte Wassell

Charlotte is an experienced dance teacher. Her commitment is to provide quality instruction with a strong technical focus and cultural awareness. 

She practices Transcultural Fusion Dance. After almost 15 years of study in United States belly dance styles, she has recently been delving deeper into the cultural roots of these dances. Furthermore exploring Egyptian Classical Golden Age, Egyptian Folkloric Styles, dances of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey and Spain alongside African Diasporic Black funk styles such as Locking and Waving.

Charlotte has taught and performed across the UK and internationally. She is honoured to have been invited to prestigious festivals and to have had the opportunity to share dance joy around the world.

She directs Solaris Dance Company and collaborates with other dance professionals. Including co-directing Ter’zíMoirai, Silk Starlings and Dubrikato dance companies. 

She is proud to have worked with Hilde Cannoodt for many years teaching, assisting with Masmoudi Dance Company. Charlotte is credited for helping to produce an annual international festival alongside intimate Brighton shows.

Outside of dance teaching and performing, Charlotte is the Dance Biomechanics Coach. Her passion is empowering people who love to dance to create the pain-free practice habit of their dreams. She is an anatomy and movement geek.  A knowledgeable and qualified L3 Personal Trainer and member of CIMPSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). Continuing her professions development, Charlotte is working towards L4 and Biomechanics Coach qualifications.


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