Transcultural Fusion Dance – Charlotte Wassell

Fusion Belly Dance/Transcultural Fusion Dance/Move to Thrive

Charlotte Wassell in Brighton.

Charlotte’s style of Transcultural Fusion Dance evolves from USA fusion belly dance styles. A result of the melting pot of MENAHT cultures (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic, Turkish) and Black funk styles.

As a professional, Charlotte is committed to uplifting artists from around the world and strives to incorporate history, music theory and cultural context. Classes are taught in short courses and she updates her website regularly with new courses. Join Charlotte from Solaris Moves in our Brighton studio for 6-8 weeks of blissful dancing! Classes take place every Tuesday evening at the studio

Dance Classes

Beginners 17:50-18:50
Expansion (Improvers/Intermediate) 19:50-20:50

For more information and to book visit Solaris Moves

Move to Thrive Exercise Class

All levels  19:00-19:40

For more information and to book visit Solaris Moves

Fusion Belly Dance – Beginners

These weekly classes are suitable for beginners to learn to dance in a fun and supportive environment. Charlotte’s class is ideal for both absolute beginners and for those with some prior experience. The classes are body positive and inclusive. You don’t have to be super fit, just turn up with your enthusiasm for learning a new dance style!

Beginners’ courses vary from 6-8 weeks for £66-£88 or £13 drop-in

Transcultural Fusion Dance – Intermediate

The improver-intermediate level class is suitable for dancers with a year or more of Fusion, Raqs Sharqi or other MENAHT dance experience. The classes focus on exploration of precise body isolations, fluidity of movement and fun dance steps, with sprinklings of musicality, improvisation and choreography, accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack.

Regular dance practise will increase core strength, balance and coordination and can increase confidence. Charlotte has extensive knowledge of the body biomechanics so you will be taught to use your body safely.

You will be dancing to a wide variety of music from across the globe and will leave the class feeling energised and invigorated!

Please ask in advance to check your suitability for this level.

Expansion is by Monthly Subscription £40 or £13 drop-in

Move to Thrive Fitness Class

There’s not much that can’t be fixed by moving your body!

Relieve aches and pains, boost your mood, super-charge your heart, get fit and build immunity whilst getting stronger and more flexible and developing balance and coordination.

Join me for a fun class exploring a wide range of movement concepts that are essential life skills – from strength to flexibility, muscle release to balance and cardio to relaxation. This is not your normal exercise class – it’s a blend of fitness, Pilates and yoga alongside movement games and unique challenges!

This class is suitable for all with plenty of options for different levels.

Tuesdays 19:00-19:40

Monthly Subscription £34
£10 drop-in

Low income pricing available.

Charlotte Wassell – Brighton

Charlotte is a highly experienced dance teacher, committed to providing quality instruction with a strong technical focus and cultural awareness.

After over 16 years of study in United States fusion belly dance styles, she has recently been delving deeper into the cultural roots of these dances, exploring Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian Folkloric Styles, dances of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey and Spain alongside African Diasporic Black funk styles such as Locking and Waving.

Charlotte has taught and performed across the UK and internationally. An honour was to have been invited to prestigious festivals and to have had the opportunity to share dance joy around the world. Her Solaris Dance Company collaborates with other dance professionals; co-directing Silk Starlings and Dubrikato dance companies.

She is proud to have worked with Hilde Cannoodt for many years teaching, assisting with Masmoudi Dance Company. Charlotte is credited for helping to produce an annual international festival alongside intimate Brighton shows.

Outside of dance teaching and performing, Charlotte is a Movement & Biomechanics Coach and Pain Management Specialist. Her passion is helping people to move beyond physical aches and pains and back to enjoying life confidently, fearlessly and joyfully. She is knowledgeable and qualified L3+ Exercise Referral Personal Trainer, Biomechanics Coach and member of CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). Continuing her professional development, Charlotte is working towards L4 Lower Back Pain qualifications.

Learn more about Charlotte at Solaris Moves


“It’s always the class I want to do each week! Even if I’m feeling run down or it’s cold, it always makes me feel better and warms me up. There are so many variations with each sequence/exercise to either push yourself to move with how your body needs to in the moment.”

“I feel so much better after taking Charlotte’s class… My flexibility, strength and posture have improved so much and the classes have really helped with dancing.”


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May 24 @ 17:50
17:50 — 20:45 (2h 55′)

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