Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2023

Join Mary Atkinson and Amy Taylor, co-founders of the Indian Head Massage Community for the 4th Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2023. An interactive day of certificated CPD learning for Indian Head Massage practitioners and enthusiasts and a chance to get our Indian Head Massage Community together.

Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2023

Integrating Hand Massage with Indian Head Massage

Mary Atkinson, bestselling author and award-winning therapist, will share her popular hand massage techniques and shows how to infuse a hand massage into your Indian Head Massage sessions. A practical workshop, which gives you a chance to give and receive a wonderful hand massage. Hand massage is the perfect addition to Indian Head Massage giving added value to your clients.

Blending Carrier Oils

Amy Taylor, award-winning clinical director of Purple Turtle Therapy and Academy, will expand your knowledge of how to blend popular carrier oils to make individual synergies. Indian Head Massage carrier oils have different properties and synergising the oils is the perfect way of personalising your sessions. And the best bit is you don’t need to be an aromatherapist to use carrier oils with your clients.

Indian Head Massage seated, on a couch and a massage chair

A practical workshop to enhance your versatility within your working space. Amy and Mary will set up different workstations for you to try as well as demonstrating ways to adjust your Indian Head Massage.  Sample giving and receiving Indian Head Massage laying down on a massage couch, seated on a massage chair or seated on a stool, Lafuma or chair. Amy and Mary will also introduce new techniques and postural advice to add to your skills.

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Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2023



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February 25 @ 09:30
09:30 — 16:30 (7h)

Purple Turtle Therapy

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