Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2024

Join Mary Atkinson and Amy Taylor, co-founders of the Indian Head Massage Community for the 5th Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2024. An interactive day of certificated CPD learning for Indian Head Massage practitioners and enthusiasts and a chance to get our Indian Head Massage Community members together.

Our Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2024 will include…

Indian Head Massage in the Menopause

Learn about the changes your clients may experience during the menopause and perimenopause with menopause expert Ali Booth from Ocean Breeze wellbeing Discover ways of supporting your clients through this transition in their lives.

Hands Free Techniques

Career saving hands free techniques to integrate into your Indian Head Massage treatments. Learn how correct posture and using your thumbs less can stop your body getting tired and feeling the strain. Using forearms and elbows helps you to achieve an even stronger pressure without the effort! Start to use your arms as intuitively as your hands.


Bridget Prusik will help you explore Chakras and show you how to integrate Chakra work into your Indian Head Massage treatments and to work on your own chakra points.

Self Care for the Therapist

Looking after yourself as a therapist is important as we spend our time looking after others. Amy and Mary will give you some self care tips to use on yourself and to support clients as after care advice.

V Lift, Natural FaceLift Massage

An introduction to Amy’s pioneering signature treatment for the face. Amy’s V Lift Facial was developed to help lift, smooth and plump the face to leave it feeling refreshed and glowing. Learn some self care techniques to lift and revitalise the face using some of Amy’s specialist moves.

Self Massage

Mary will share a short Indian Head Massage routine to give yourself the care you deserve. This is also a great way of supporting your clients by showing simple techniques to try at home between therapy sessions.


A CPD certificate will be issued on the day

Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2024



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Therapists – Join Amy’s Indian Head Massage for Pregnancy the day before the Indian Head Massage Seminar 2024 or her Indian Head Massage on a Massage Couch course the day after the seminar. Get a £20 discount on either of these courses when you book a ticket to our Indian Head Massage Community Seminar 2024. Apply by email and we will send you our Special Offer Code to book directly on our website.

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March 16 @ 10:00
10:00 — 16:00 (6h)

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