Massaging For Dementia Course

Massaging People Who Have Dementia

Massaging for Dementia Course is a groundbreaking 1 day training course which will give you the tools to set up a positive, relationship with a client who has dementia.

The course is for people who are already qualified in massage or hands on therapies, but wish to advance their skills, and build on their current knowledge to give them the confidence to practice more proficiently in this field. It is also available to any carers or professionals who wish to use meaningful, nurturing touch as a means of compassionately communicating with their loved ones or clients. This is a great forum for exchange of experience & expertise for everyone who attends.

Nicolle’s Massaging for Dementia Course will dispel some of the myths around dementia as well as celebrate the positive aspects. Understanding your client or the person you care for therfore equips you better to give them a massage treatment so they will benefit for longer.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to attend a unique, fun & profound training day which combines the cutting edge humane approaches of being able to genuinely enable people with dementia feel more comfortable about touch. Through this course you will gain the skills to deliver a fantastic hands-on package to some wonderful people living with dementia.

Course Structure

  • Defining Dementia, dispelling some myths
  • Benefits of massage
  • Contra-indications
  • Building relationships with clients – great guidelines for a more fruitful relationship
  • Permission & Touch, Legislation
  • Learn the benefits of massage for people with dementia to sell your service effectively
  • Look after yourself! Positioning, posture & protection,
  • Contracts
  • Massage techniques that suit your clients’ mindset
  • Holistic Approaches & Useful Research
  • Now with new trauma informed content

Course Fees

1 day CPD £160.00
A deposit of £80.00 will secure your place.

Qualification gained: Certificate of Attendance with 5 CPD points with FHT and CThA available

About Nicolle

Nicolle who developed & delivers the course has won the FHT award for Excellence In Practice, Innovation; received a special mention in the Complementary Therapy awards & has been a finalist for the HTM Inspiration Award & FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year Award. In 2018, Nicolle also received an award and special mention at the Complementary Therapy Awards (CTA) for Mental Health & Wellbeing. Nicolle believes a holistic, person centred, nurturing approach can pre-empt behaviours which we find challenging and, with a multi-faceted approach, lead to a more fulfilling life, as well as create a welcoming home and workplace. As part of her belief in connecting people in her community Nicolle provides collaborative, bespoke services which unite people in improving connection, reducing isolation and enriching lives.

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