Menopause Retreat Day


Take Control of Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing During Menopause

Empowering Menopause Retreat Day for anyone going through the menopause or working with women during menopause. Our women only Menopause Retreat Day is designed to help you navigate your way positively through peri-menopause and menopause. Equip yourself with the tools to help you manage symptoms and understand which treatments are best for your own experiences. Share the day with other likeminded women all ready to celebrate this change in life with expert knowledge in a safe caring environment.

A full day of empowerment and positive support for the transition through your Menopause.

Includes a delicious two course Gluten Free, Vegan lunch provided by established Brighton iconic restaurant, Foodilic

The Menopause Retreat Day includes workshops and presentations from Expert Speakers from the wellbeing industry. They will help you to navigate your Menopause in an empowering and uplifting way.

Ali Booth, Workplace Wellbeing Consultant and Business Owner

Ocean Breeze Wellbeing

Ali is an ambassador for all things menopause! She had a successful career in HR and Business Management in the corporate world. Her difficult and personal experience of a shortfall in menopause support in the workplace inspired her to launch Ocean Breeze Wellbeing, specialising in Workplace Women’s health.

Ali will be guiding you through the basics of menopause and more in depth information of treatments and support to empower you with the knowledge you need to experience a positive menopause. Her engaging presentation will include:

Understanding Reproductive Hormones and the Emotional and Physical Changes to your body. The body changes rapidly in Menopause and this can impact on your physical and mental health. Learn what is actually happening inside your body and how to help it.

Treatment Options including HRT and Bioidentical HRT. HRT is a minefield so Ali will be talking through the options open to you and show statistically the truths behind the myths.

Seeking Support and Resources. Sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing, Ali’s strategies for seeking support and asking for help will assist how you communicate with others both personally and professionally.

Menopause in the workplace. Ali will cover how Menopause can impact on your vocation. She will talk through how to communicate to your colleagues and employers about what you are experiencing, furthermore what you need.

Self Care Strategies. Above all our Menopause Retreat Day is about empowering you with the right skills to stay well and minimise the impact of Menopause on your everyday life.

For more info on Ali, visit her Website


Amy Taylor, Clinical Therapist and Company Director

Purple Turtle Therapy

Amy has been a clinical therapist for over 20 years, and is the Director of Purple Turtle Therapy. Amy has experience in treating women for Menopausal symptoms and pain relief. Therefore, she has a very loyal client base that frequently attend her Brighton clinic for Massage, Reflexology and V Lift Facials. Amy is also a qualified teacher and has her own training Academy providing workshops, course and training.

Amy’s interactive self help workshops will give you physical help and relaxation techniques. With everything from Postural Stretching and Natural Therapies to a positive aging Natural Facelift Massage routine to do on yourself.

Positive Aging V Lift Facial, a natural facelift massage which helps lift, plump and smooth the skin to defy the signs of aging. V Lift Facial is Amy’s pioneering signature treatment. Developed by Amy over the last 15 years she teaches this to therapists worldwide as an alternative to intrusive cosmetic procedures such as Botox. Amy will provide you with a full facial massage routine to do on yourself, including specialist moves to target areas such as crow’s feet eyes, drooping jowls and frown lines.

Natural First Aid for Symptoms. Amy will present ideas for self treatment using massage and reflexology methods that target the causes of symptoms, using natural therapy techniques.

Aromatherapy for Women’s Health. Explore how using Aromatherapy Essential Oils for women’s health in your everyday life can help with relaxation and stress relief. The plant based oils have chemical properties which react with the body, easing symptoms and creating a balance.

Strengthening Postural Stretching and Guided Meditation. Join in with the interactive classes for Postural Stretching and gain useful stretches to do at home which target painful areas such as shoulders and hips. Suitable for any level. The guided ‘body check’ meditation aids relaxation and can help you learn to drift off to sleep easily.

Claire Bailey, Nutritionist

CB Nutrition

Making healthy choices for what you put into your body is obvious however Claire will give you ideas on what gut friendly foods to eat and when during peri menopause and menopause.

Healthy Food for Menopause, Gut Health and Menopause Digestion. You are what you eat right?! So choose foods that are kinder to your digestion and gut while your body is going through its transition. Claire will give advice on food nutrition for Menopause and long term health.

Nutrition for Hormonal Health. Use food as your medicine, choose foods that support your endocrine system.

Positive Lifestyle Changes and Sleep and Stress Management through Nutrition. Claire will talk you through positive steps you can take to change your lifestyle with wholesome nutrition. Manage your sleep and stress better by making changes to your diet enabling you to make better food choices.

Learn more about Claire from her website

The Menopause Day Retreat is at Purple Turtle Therapy in central Brighton’s North Laine.

Investment – £195 including a two course lunch


Also included for those who attend is a FREE DISCOUNT & SAMPLE PACK containing…

£20 Gift Voucher for treatments with Purple Turtle Therapy

FREE Menopause Ebook from CB Nutrition plus 10 % off any nutrition package with Claire

20% off voucher for Employee workshops with Ocean Breeze Wellbeing

Neal’s Yard Remedies Sample pack



June 9 @ 09:30
09:30 — 16:00 (6h 30′)

Purple Turtle Therapy

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