Deep Tissue Massage Brighton


Deep Tissue Massage Brighton manipulates the superficial and deeper layers of the body’s mobility systems. Because Deep Tissue Massage works with the muscles, fascia, ligaments, trigger points and tendons it ultimately encourages the body to return to full working capacity. As a result, massaging these areas of tension breaks down knots and adhesions allowing freer movement in the joints.  Additionally, this promotes a deeper relaxation of the areas massaged. The massage pressure is gradually increased once the body is warmed up to allow for deeper work on the soft tissue.

As the massage works into the body’s mobility systems and deeper tissues, this massage is suitable for muscular tension, intense relaxation, injury, pain management and repetitive strain. If your preference is a stronger, more dynamic and results-driven massage, this is the massage for you!

Deep Tissue Massage Treatments with Amy

Purple Turtle Therapy’s Clinical Director, Amy’s 20 year’s bodywork experience combines her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology with her bespoke Deep Tissue massage practice. Unquestionably our most popular massage! Indeed, this is also one of Amy’s favourite treatments to administer.

Amy is a registered member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, view her credentials here. As a member of this professional association you may be able to claim for your treatment on private health insurance. please contact us for details.

Deep Tissue Massage with Karolina

Karolina has been Purple Turtle Therapy’s leading therapist since 2006. She has a regular client base who she has helped to transform posture and pain for through her own style of Deep Tissue Massage. Also sports massage trained, Karolina combines her knowledge and experience to design a bespoke massage for her clients.

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Available in 60 / 90 mins


Do you have an ache of pain you would help with? Save £30 per treatment with our intense treatment offer. Book a month of treatments for only £200.

Treatments are 4 x 1 hour appointments and must be taken within a month of the first treatment date. Treatments can be mixed and matched with any therapy. Cannot be used with any other discount.

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Hot Stone Massage harnesses heat from the natural stones in fusion with Deep Tissue Massage to create an enhanced state of relaxation for the body. Our Hot Stone Massage uses high quality basalt stones.

The smooth round stones are a composite of black volcanic rock which are heated in water with Aromatherapy Essential Oils. The stones retain the heat and are used to massage the body in conjunction with the hands. Stones are placed on pressure points to melt away muscle pain, knots, and adhesions with ease. Particularly good for increasing circulation and reducing muscles spasms.

Hot Stone Massage with Amy

Amy has been using Hot Stones in her massage treatments for over 15 years. She discovered Hot Stone Massage while travelling in Indonesia and loved it because the warmth of the stones reminds her of the sun on her body. Amy believes the hot stones should be used to massage the body into a deeper state of relaxation and combines it with her unique style of massage.

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Hot Stone Massage Brighton
Holistic Massage Brighton


Holistic means ‘whole’ hence holistic massage works with the physical, emotional and energetic levels of the body. A wonderful traditional Holistic Massage can be relaxing or uplifting using a variety of body massage techniques tailored to your individual needs. A perfect mindful massage to soothe stress, tension and anxiety.

  • Holistic Massage
  • Relaxing
  • Therapeutic
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Champissage
  • Rhythmic

Holistic Massage with Amy and Karolina

Amy and Karolina are both very professional Massage Therapists and both have over 20 year’s experience. Massage firstly should be about the individual. In this Holistic Massage, they will use a combination of soothing, relaxing and stress-relieving techniques to calm the body. Both Amy and Karolina have an interest in energy work and strengthening the mind body connection to enhance a trance like state of relaxation.


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Available in 60 / 90 mins

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Aromatherapy Massage is a sensory massage with Natural Essential Oils and pure carrier oils. After the consultation, the Natural Essential Oils are blended personally for you and administered with specific Aromatherapy Massage techniques to rebalance the body, mind and spirit. The blend will comprise of the best essential oils for your mental and physical health.

Treat someone special to an Aromatherapy Massage Brighton Gift Voucher or purchase Neal Yard Organic Aromatherapy through our online shop

Aromatherapy Massage with Amy and Karolina

Amy and Karolina are fully trained Aromatherapists who use Essential Oils in their everyday life as well as in their Massages. Creating Aromatherapy blends are their passion. After an Aromatherapy consultation Amy and Karolina will make you an individual blend of carrier oils and essential for your treatment needs. Oils can be uplifting, relaxing and add a personal extra dimension to any treatment.

Available in 60 / 90 mins

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Aromatherapy Massage Brighton
Indian Head Massage Brighton


Indian Head Massage has its roots in Ayurvedic Indian tradition. Indian head massage can be a relaxing or a reviving massage. The massage focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck, face, scalp and hair. An Indian Head Massage treatment can be done seated or on the couch and with or without oils.

So Indian Head Massage is perfect for those with a sedentary lifestyle or working practices. This massage is especially helpful for conditions attributed to computer work, including shoulder tension, headaches and eye strain. The natural oils used can be beneficial for scalp and hair conditions.

Treat someone special to an Indian Head Massage Gift Voucher 

Indian Head Massage with Amy

Amy is a Co-founder of the Indian Head Massage Community UK with the world-renowned therapist and author Mary Atkinson. Therefore Amy is an ambassador and industry leader for this wonderful massage therapy. Amy developed her Indian Head Massage to be adapted for the client to lay on the couch as an alternative to traditional seated Indian Head Massage. She now teaches this adaptation to therapists across the UK.

Read more about our Indian Head Massage Community 


Available in 60 / 90 mins

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Pregnancy Massage helps ease and soothe the Mum to be during the exciting journey from Pre-natal to Post-natal. Receiving a Pregnancy Massage can help get the body systems moving therefore easing aches and pains. Massage subsequently may bring relief to pregnancy-related conditions such as sciatica, oedema, backache, indigestion and insomnia. The massage can be done seated in clothing or the popular option of the side-lying position on the massage couch.

Above all, Pregnancy Massage gives the Mum to be a chance to relax, enjoy some pampering and experience relief.

A well deserved Pregnancy Massage Brighton Gift Voucher is the perfect thoughtful gift for the mum to be.

Pregnancy Massage with Amy and Karolina

Amy and Karolina are both Mums who have gone through Pregnancy and seen how massage benefits the body during this special time. They are both experienced therapists in Pregnancy and Post Natal treatments. Amy has been teaching her accredited Pregnancy Massage to therapists throughout the UK for over 15 years. Understanding this precious time for Mum’s, Amy and Karolina adapt their treatments to be remedial for aches and pains or calming for pampering and relaxing. Just whatever the Mum needs to help her through her pregnancy and beyond!

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