Age Defying V Lift Facial

V Lift Facial - Natural Facelift Massage
V Lift Facial - Natural Facelift Massage

V Lift Facial, Natural Facelift Massage

V Lift Facial, is a Natural Facelift Massage for facial rejuvenation. Developed by Amy Taylor, Clinical Director at Purple Turtle Therapy, V Lift Facial is a pioneering age defying facial treatment. A completely non-invasive alternative to Surgical Facelift, Botox, Dermal Fillers and intrusive aesthetic procedures. Our signature V Lift Facial gives you an empowering radiance after just one treatment.

Using a combination of specialised massage techniques, V Lift Facial can improve the complexion by stimulating skin rejuvenation. The powerfully effective massage increases cellular activity. Leaving the face feeling refreshed with a natural glow.

Stress and tension in the layered muscles and fascia can cause fine lines and wrinkles, this can worsen with aging. Myofascial face massage relieves muscle tension and fascial misalignment. This helps to reduce the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead, eyes and around the mouth. Regular treatments therefore prevent these lines from worsening and developing by retraining muscle memory.

Smoothing and lifting ageing areas improves the skin’s elastin production giving a more polished sheen to the skin. Massage encourages nutrient-rich oxygenated blood to flow to the surface of the skin. Therefore, encouraging natural replenishment for the soft facial tissue. Scar tissue can be evened out to improve the appearance of scarring.


Book yourself an intense course of V Lift Facials. Save £35 per treatment with our month of treatments offer. Book four treatments for only £200.

Treatments are 4 x 1 hour appointments and must be taken within a month of the first treatment date. Treatments can be mixed and matched with any therapy. Cannot be used with any other discount.

Pump up the Volume!

Areas of the face can lose collagen and appear sallow. A plumping massage of these areas works like a natural filler, giving a fuller, voluminous appearance to cheeks, jowls and eyelids. Sagging jawlines can give our face a hollow look which can be improved by naturally lifting the jowls and chin.

Breathe Easy

Puffiness in the eyes and face can be caused by sinus congestion and water retention. Lymphatic Drainage techniques expel lymph, eliminating puffiness and swelling. Pressure in the sinuses and nasal passages are relieved, encouraging deeper, clearer breathing and congestion relief.

Mindful Massage

Headaches and migraines can be caused by tightened trigger points in the shoulders and neck. All our V Lift Facials include a revitalising Deep Tissue Massage on the upper shoulders and neck. Trigger points are released to drop the shoulders and free the neck, increasing mobility and decreasing pain. This leads to better postural awareness for long term relief. The treatment is completed with a soothing scalp massage to clear the mind.

Our clients see and feel a difference on their first treatment however a course of treatments can be recommended for longer-lasting results.

Treatments in Clinic

Our V Lift Facials are a complete treat! Included in your facial will be

  • Skincare consultation
  • Cleanse and tone, with Neal’s Yard Organic products
  • Shoulder and neck massage
  • Bespoke V Lift Facial
  • Serum, moisturiser and eye cream, with Neal’s Yard Organic products
  • Scalp massage

The Development of the V Lift Facial

Our founder, Amy Taylor first started to develop her exclusive V Lift Facial in 2004. Already an established therapist and tutor, Amy took an interest in the ability to heal scarring with massage. In true pioneering style she began to practice on her own scars and the scars decreased. This led her to explore working with fine lines and wrinkles. She developed her Natural Facelift Massage for her clients and in 2006 launched a course for students at her training Academy. Amy has taught her methods around the UK, Europe and Jersey.

Since then, Amy has now developed and updated her natural facelift into the V Lift Facial. She has a regular loyal client base who rely on her facials for rejuvenation, relaxation, migraine relief and sinus decongestion.

Reviews from our V Lift Facial Clients

I started having face lifting massage treatments with adorable Amy in 2012. To this day, Amy’s V Lift Facials are my all time favourite face treatment. Her healing hands massage the whole face, neck and chest. Ironing out even my most stubborn creases, in my case around my mouth and the sagging areas in my lower face. She did wonders around the cheek bones and jaw line. Afterwards – absolutely no make up is necessary, it would cover the healthy natural glow!

Carolyn Reul – Reiko PR 

Well that was a great experience! Not only did I enjoy the massage, but I could actually see a difference.

Inger Moss – Model 


V Lift Facial Workshop

Learn a version of our V Lift Facial routine that you can do on yourself at home to enhance the effects of your treatments.

The self V Lift Facial is a full facial massage with techniques to lift, smooth and plump your face. Learn how to lift hooded eyes, cheeks and jowls. Reduce the deep and fine lines around the forehead, eyes and mouth. Improve the condition of your skin and rejuvenate your face.

The routine consists of massage to the full face with advanced techniques for problem areas. Do this regularly and you will see a difference in the appearance and feel of your face.

The routine can be incorporated into your daily skincare rituals with any products.

V Lift Facial workshop £85 (1 hour)

Or book a V Lift Facial treatment and Workshop for only £135  (2 hours)

Learn V Lift Facial Join our course to learn how to become a V Lift Facial Specialist.

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