Reflexology in Hove


Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy in which the therapist applies a pressure technique and massage using their fingers and thumbs on reflex areas found on the feet, hands or ears. Our therapists have been providing Reflexology in Hove since 2003.

Reflexology is based on the principle that these reflex areas correspond with the anatomy of the body and when these reflexes are stimulated they activate the body’s own natural healing systems and energy pathways. Reflexology can help with relaxation, stress relief and energy levels so this treatment can be beneficial to many health conditions and disorders.

Our signature Reflexology treatment is much more than just a foot massage and includes

  • Refreshing foot soak and salt scrub
  • Reflexology treatment
  • Foot massage with nourishing oil

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60 minutes – £80

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Ear Candling and Facial

Thermal Auricular Therapy or Ear Candling has been used for centuries as a spiritual and physical therapy. The hollow candles are made of organic linen infused with pure honey and herbs.

Each candle is safely placed just inside the ear canal and the candle creates a light chimney effect, extracting impurities and releasing soothing properties into the auricular system.

A gentle lymphatic drainage face, neck and relaxing head massage completes the treatment. Ear candles have been used for conditions such as sinusitis, rhinitis, tinnitus, vertigo, Menieres syndrome, headache/migraine, excessive wax, allergies and hayfever.

60 minutes – £80

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Ear Candling and Reflexology in Hove
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