Nicolle Mitchell, has been a holistic massage practitioner since 1998. As well as running her general practice, Nicolle specialises in treating people with special needs & people who have varying forms of dementia.
Having realised there was no training on how to massage people who live with dementia, Nicolle combined her compassion, experience, knowledge and research, and completed developing a training course in 2009: Massaging People who have Dementia
In October 2012, Nicolle was presented with an award for Excellence in Practice ~ Innovation for the development & delivery of this course by the FHT in London.

Nicolle uses many training styles to appeal to a wide range of students and will accommodate any needs people have to ensure everyone enjoys their day and gets the most out of it.

Nicolle likes to use sensitivity and humour to deliver her course, but also likes to deliver a powerful message about how it feels to be a client, using experiential learning to maximise the impact of learning and so improving your practice on a holistic level.

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